Residential polished concrete floors
Style, good looks and economy in maintenance

Polished concrete is a stunning choice for your new build or renovation, adding value to your property and offering many benefits compared to other flooring options.

CFS Grinding and Polishing can help you design a finished product that is one of a kind.

We are Townsville’s premier concrete finishers; we create works of art incorporating the latest equipment to deliver a polish above and beyond your expectations. By being meticulous in our process and working closely with your builder and/or yourself, we create a striking result.

Now’s the time to consider a polished concrete flooring and discover if it is right for your home.

At CFS Concrete Grinding and Polishing we believe that the finish style of your concrete floor is everything. The colour, level of stone exposure and final sheen are vital elements to the overall interior styling of your home.

Which is why we will collaborate with you to come up with a desired polished concrete finish for your home to work in with your interior styling and your tropical lifestyle.

Burnished Finish
This is a highly specialised finish that leaves your floor with a ‘rustic” look. It still offers all the strengths and benefits of a true polish, but the finished product leaves you with a surface that is exceptionally raw looking.

Designer Finish
Our most popular and versatile finish is perfectly suited to any home or commercial project. With this type of finish, you can have more control over the finished product, including the level of stone exposure, flatness and sheen.

Satin Finish
A popular option for many homes is complimentary to almost any décor.
High Gloss Finish…This finish is for those who want their floors to make a statement.

Polished Concrete Sheen
Once you’ve decided on a polished concrete style, then you can decide on how much you’d like it to shine! We have varying levels of concrete finish, or sheen levels, that can transform your concrete flooring making it considerably stronger than a grind and seal application.

Matte Finish
Perfect for those who are looking for a natural look to their flooring.

Full Exposed Aggregate Finish
For those looking to make their floors leap out at you. This type of finish will highlight the fully exposed aggregate throughout the floor, offering the ability to choose concrete and stone colours. It leaves you with an eye-catching highlight throughout your property.

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John Chisholm Flooring
CFS Grinding and Polishing has developed a partnership with the region’s leading flooring supplier

Since 1980 John Chisholm Flooring have supplied and installed the best quality carpets and they also specialise in the supply and installation of vinyl and cork flooring. John Chisholm Flooring are DNV Certified ensuring the supply of any floor covering to any marine vessel or offshore rig is fully compatible with all maritime regulations.

Visit their website by clicking on the logo below

Concrete Grinding

Removal of ceramic tiles, removal of vinyls and carpet and removal of paint and other concrete surfaces and adhesives can now be removed quickly, thanks to CFS Grinding and Polishing.
Concrete Polishing

Consider this economical, practical and viable alternative to expensive floor coverings at home or at work! CFS Grinding and Polishing provides customers with the ultimate polished concrete finishes.
Floor Restoration

CFS Grinding and Polishing concrete repair services include tile pull up and removal and prepare the floor for another subfloor such as tiles, carpet, vinyl, epoxy or timber.
Providing real flooring solutions

Accept no substitutes, CFS Grinding and Polishing are the North’s No.1 concrete specialists conveniently located to handle all the needs of the Townsville region.


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